Data / Media Storage

Data and media storage play a much more significant role in the business world now than they have in years past

In today’s world, business moves faster. Global warming has a greater impact on environmental conditions, and threats to a company’s success come from all directions. Data theft is also more prevalent. These conditions pose significant risks for any enterprise and must be mitigated if the business is to remain in business.
Data storage
data storage

Threats Take Different Forms

Threats to data security come in many forms. Data theft may occur from a cyber-attack or a malicious, careless, or poorly-trained employee. Aggressive competitors sometimes attempt to steal information from rivals. And environmental conditions can also lead to data loss. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, or fires can quickly destroy everything a business owner has worked so hard to build.

All these possibilities underscore the importance of keeping company data in a safe place. Investing in offsite data storage is one of the best ways to protect valuable information assets. A secure offsite location, protected from the elements and safeguarded from those who would steal data and use it for their own purposes, is an ideal solution to the data storage challenge that most companies today face.

DR Solution Group Can Help

DR Solution Group provides media and data storage solutions for companies with secure document storage needs. We protect your data from prying eyes and natural disasters, holding it safe and secure in our offsite data storage facility in Parkville, Missouri.

We also offer colocation services for businesses, financial institutions, or medical facilities that need a safe climate-controlled place to house a secondary server or other computer hardware and equipment. While we don’t perform computer maintenance or server support, we do provide a secure data facility for mission-critical computer and data backup equipment.

When you partner with DR Solution Group for your data storage solutions, you’re working with a local company that knows who you are, what your business is about, and how critical your business and customer data are to your success.

Data Security Principles

At DR Solution Group, our goal is to protect your data following these basic guidelines.


We ensure that your data — whether it’s in files, hard drives, computer backup disks, media tapes, or some other format — is protected at all times. Trained security guards are on duty 24/7 and help us control who comes into our offsite data storage facility. No access is granted to any of your stored inventory without your authorization.


Your data is stored in the same condition in which you brought it to us. Our storage facility is located in the caves of the Parkville Underground business park. Because of this, our environment is naturally climate-controlled, remaining at a fairly constant 65 degrees year-round. This temperature is ideal for maintaining the integrity of paper documents and files, as well as media tapes and hard drives.


At DR Solution Group, we believe that your data remains yours, even when it’s housed in our secure data storage facility. We document and categorize everything that comes into our warehouse, regardless of the form it takes. Files, boxes, hard drives, backup tapes — everything is organized in one place for easy retrieval when needed. All clients can view their stored inventory 24/7 through our online inventory system. If you need to retrieve a file from our facility at any time, just let us know. We’ll find it and scan, fax, email, or deliver it to you in person, whichever method is most convenient for you.

Providing a Full Host of Data Management Solutions

Information management is about more than just storing files and documents. It’s also about retention schedules and document disposal. When you work with DR Solution Group, you get much more than secure data storage in an offsite facility. We also offer tape destruction and document shredding services for your convenience.

Our file shredding and disposal services conform to regulatory and industry-specific guidelines for the disposal of customer, patient, and business records. Once your stored data reaches the end of its life according to your enterprise’s guidelines, give us a call, and we’ll dispose of it for you.

Trust DR Solution Group with Your Data Storage Needs

We want to be more than just your go-to for data storage solutions. We want to know you by name and understand your business needs so we can offer personalized customer service. If you need file pick-up or delivery, give us a call. We’ll pick up or drop off files, boxes, data tapes, or hard drives. Anything related to computer data, media storage, or paper documents is fair game! This personal touch is just one aspect of our customer service that we feel sets us apart from the competition.

At DR Solution Group, we know what you need when it comes to secure document storage and offsite data management solutions. Let our team of experts help you lock down your valuable information assets.

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