Business Records Storage

Data management is a critical part of any business operation.

In a market where personal information is increasingly compromised, protecting your company’s sensitive documents and customer records is more challenging than ever. The right business document storage solution allows you to protect your valuable information assets while also managing document retention.

Business documents
Blueprint file

DR Solution Group provides offsite document management solutions for all types of businesses, from retail to manufacturing to hospitality and more.

The documents associated with these industries and others are vital to the ongoing success of the business. Storing these files in a secure location — separate from the primary business location — keeps them safe from unexpected events that may otherwise interrupt business operations.

When you partner with DR Solution Group, your business records are stored in our secure underground storage facility. This facility is naturally temperature-controlled, making it ideal for storing customer records, company financial documents, blueprints, and production drawings. Secured by on-site security personnel around the clock, we guarantee that your company’s information is safe and secure — and accessible when you need it.

The Need for Secure Document Storage

Implementing a well-structured document management system is a critical step in protecting, storing, and maintaining sensitive information. But it’s also a step toward industry compliance for many businesses. In today’s ever-increasing regulatory and legal environment, it’s essential that companies know where business records are at all times.

Government regulators often have data storage and retention requirements that must be followed in order to remain compliant with certain aspects of the industry. In the event of a legal claim, specific files may be requested to support an action taken (or not taken) by the company or its employees. Examples of this include OSHA training requirements and FCC tariff filings. When business documents are requested in these instances, companies must be able to access them and do it within a required time frame. Noncompliance often carries a hefty penalty.

Keeping business documents well organized and in a safe place that’s easily accessible allows the company to produce the requested documentation when it’s needed most.

Benefits of Offsite Storage

There are several good reasons for storing business records in an offsite location.

Frees up space in the office.

While many companies now maintain client records online, many others still rely on paper records. These records quickly fill up filing cabinets and storage closets. Moving some of the older files to a secure storage facility like ours at DR Solution Group frees up critical office space for other purposes.

Helps with disaster preparedness.

Storing business-critical documents in a secure offsite storage facility keeps them safe in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Fires, floods, tornadoes, or other natural disasters happen without warning. The aftermath of such events can be devastating for any business. By retaining important business records in a secure offsite location, you’ll be able to recover from unexpected setbacks more quickly.

Information is organized for easy retrieval.

There’s nothing more wasteful than spending precious human resource hours searching for a document that hasn’t been re-filed properly. But that’s the way many businesses spend their time. At DR Solution Group, we carefully document and categorize all records that come into our facility, storing them in one place for easy retrieval when needed. If you’re looking for a specific record, we’ll retrieve it and scan or deliver it to you quickly so you can get on with business.

Shredding Services

DR Solution Group can also help with document disposal. We offer shredding services to securely dispose of old records or data tapes that are no longer needed or have met their retention deadline. We handle all your document maintenance needs while you focus on running the business.

Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants about the range of resources and services we offer. Your business will run more efficiently with business document storage solutions from DR Solution Group.