Medical Records Storage

Medical records storage and management are ongoing concerns for those in the healthcare industry.

As regulations change, hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and care facilities often struggle to stay up-to-date on the latest records retention requirements.
Medical records
Doctor reviewing medical records

According to the CDC, approximately 86% of physicians now use electronic medical records (EMR) systems to manage patient information. While electronic records alleviate the clutter and storage concerns associated with paper records, maintaining and storing these patient records is still a concern. Electronic data must be secured and protected from cybercriminals and natural disasters.

Many smaller clinics and physicians’ offices still use paper records. These must also be safeguarded. Paper records accumulate quickly, and storage is often a challenge for these facilities.

Both of these scenarios lead to DR Solution Group. We provide medical document storage services in a storage facility with round-the-clock security. Located in the Parkville Commercial Underground business park, our warehouse is the ideal solution for medical professionals who must store and maintain sensitive information such as patient medical records.

Medical Records Management

Medical records management involves a system of procedures and protocols designed to help healthcare facilities handle and oversee patient information throughout the entire lifecycle of that data. This process includes filing and storing patient charts, ensuring adherence to governmental and industry-specific regulations and retention schedules, and managing the destruction of all records when the retention period expires. Medical records management also includes non-patient data such as accounting records, contracts, or other business-related information.

Having a robust medical records management system in place is critical for every healthcare facility. Poorly managed patient records may result in mistakes that put lives in jeopardy. In addition, patient privacy must be protected at all times, not just while the patient is in the practitioner’s office.

It’s not enough just to store all this information, however. Medical records must also be accessible when needed, whether by the medical facility or a governing entity. When you partner with DR Solution Group, your records are safe and accessible when needed.

Retention and Disposal

In most cases, HIPAA requirements take precedence over state and local guidelines when it comes to records retention. Retention requirements can be complex and vary from state to state. DR Solution Group helps you manage retention timelines, many of which extend for up to seven years or more. We also help you dispose of documents and medical records at the end of the required retention period. Our tape destruction and shredding services are secure and efficient and adhere to prescribed medical records disposal protocols.

Benefits of Offsite Medical Records Storage

Healthcare providers and facilities recognize the following benefits of offsite medical records storage:

Disaster preparedness

Medical records should be stored in a secure location in case they’re needed in the future. Our offsite storage facility keeps them safe in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Fires, floods, tornadoes, or other natural disasters happen without warning. So do cyber-attacks. The aftermath of these events can be devastating. By retaining vital patient records in a secure offsite location, you’re able to recover more quickly from unexpected occurrences.

Easy accessibility

At DR Solution Group, we carefully document and categorize all records that come into our facility, storing them in one place for easy retrieval when needed. If you need a specific patient record, we’ll locate it and scan or deliver it to you quickly.

Saves office space

While many physicians and medical facilities use EMR systems to maintain patient records online, many others still rely on paper records. These records quickly fill up filing cabinets and storage closets. Moving some of the older files to a secure offsite storage facility like ours at DR Solution Group frees up critical office space for patient care or office expansion.

Medical Records Management Made Easy

DR Solution Group provides complete medical document storage services for those in the healthcare industry, as well as veterinary offices and dental practices. Our medical records management services include the storage of paper records, hard drives, computer backup tapes, and anything else related to the safekeeping of your paper documents or medical records. All documents and media are held at a consistent temperature in our security-patrolled underground storage facility, which keeps them secure and dry year-round. Your records are always quickly accessible when you need them. Tape destruction and shredding services are also available to dispose of records at the appropriate point in the retention lifecycle.

Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants about the range of resources and services we offer. Your medical practice, clinic, or hospital will run more efficiently with offsite medical records storage solutions from DR Solution Group.