Secure Storage Support

You need secure offsite storage with a company you can trust. And, you need it at a price you can afford. What if you could have all that, plus get the added benefits of instant 24/7 access to your records, an integrated approach to your individual storage needs and exceptional customer service?

As a Kansas City-based offsite storage company, DR Solution Group is dedicated to giving our clients focused, personalized attention. In fact, many of the businesses we work with are based within our local community.

We get to know you and understand your specific needs so that we can provide you with the most customized document management strategy possible.

At DR Solution Group, you experience unparalleled customer service while enjoying all the benefits of our wide range of storage capabilities. Call today to find out how we can help you streamline, store and access your data.

Secure Document Storage | Get your first month FREE!

Affordable off-site storage with DR Solution Group gives you access to modern facilities, the latest advances in record storage technology and a team of industry experts dedicated to helping you store, organize and access your information. We specialize in the following areas:


  • Medical Records
  • Bank Records
  • Business Records
  • Custom Storage Solutions

Secure Data Storage | Get your first month FREE!

Let our team of data storage experts help you build a comprehensive data management strategy. Whether your needs involve converting hard data into digital format, meeting strict compliance regulations or secure document destruction, DR Solution Group delivers reliable, high-impact results.


  • All Data Tapes
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rotation Options


Talk to one of our consultants about how our wide range of resources and services can help you effect a leaner, more efficient and organized business strategy.



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